The deadline for submitting a commercial proposal or quotation is directly related to the delivery time of supplier’s quotation. If they delay the quotation delivery, you also delay your quotation delivery. The problem is that the person who creates the quotation often end up stimating (guessing?) the price of the product based in an old or similar quotation, because we live in a world that demands speed and precision in all areas, and delaying the delivery of a quotation in one or two days may end up disqualifying the company from supply.Think about that, we from Kezar Engineering are trying to create something ambitious: a World Quotation Database.Basically it will work as follow:
  1. Users fills the form with the quotation information (company, product, date, price, etc) and send the official quotation from supplier (if the user don’t send the document, it’ll not be registered in our database)
  2. We will analyze the information (official and filled by user) and, if everything is OK, the quotation will be registered in our database so everyone can access
  3. All the information regarding the person who sent and registered the quotation will be confidential
  4. Only registered and validated users will have access to the database
  5. The first 100 users will have free access for an unlimited period, as long as they send at least 3 quotation each
  6. Other users will have access to the database if: they pay a monthly fee (to be defined) or send 1 quotation (1 day pass)
The system is in its initial phase (alfa) of development and the estimated launch date is september 2020.If you want to be part of this project, please, contact us:  [email protected]