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Lifting Lug Design – USA Air Force Method – Validation

The Lifting Lug Design Spreadsheet will be validated using an example provided in the Stress Analysis Manual ((Maddux, Gene E., “Lug Analysis”, Chapter 9, in “Stress Analysis Manual”, U.S. Department of Commerce, Springfield VA 22161(1969).)), it shows a double joint lug (female and male lug with pin) with an axial load.

Lifting Lug Design – USA Air Force Method

Lug or Padeye is basically a plate with a hole in it where the hole is used to connect a clevis pin, a chain, a hook or a rope, with the objective to lift an equipment. This article will only cover the design of lifting lug according to the USA Air Force Method. It’s highly advised […]

Pressure Vessel Design Software

We are proud to announce that we are officially in the engineering software business. We are developing Pressure Vessel Calculation software which will cost around USD 50,00 per module per year (Flange Design, Saddle Support Design, Lug Design, Head/Shell Design, and so on). This value is way cheaper than those softwares available in the market, which […]


Best Books to Learn how to Design a Pressure Vessel

If you want to learn how to design a pressure vessel and its many components (supports, inner parts, flanges, etc) you will only need a few books and standard codes. Here I’ll show one some of those books that helped me along the way. First of all, there’s a difference between books and standard codes, […]

Saddle Support Design for Pressure Vessel

Saddle support are the main (maybe the only) type of support used in horizontal vessels. It can be designed using ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 2 (which is based in a paper published by L. P. Zick((Zick, L. P., “Stress in Large Horizontal Pressure Vessels on Two Saddle Supports”, The Welding Journal Research Supplement, 1951, […]

Davit Design for Pressure Vessel

Davit is the device used to lift and move heavy things around. It can be stationary or portable, manual or powered by motors, and usually have the configuration shown in the Figure 1 (left). As you can see, it’s a quite simple device. The design of davit for pressure vessels are described in the Procedure […]

Swing Bolt Closure Design

A swing bolt is usually used in pressure vessels that have covers that need to be opened many times in a realativelly short period (let’s say, twice a month, for example). This is the case of filters, in which you have to open it to change the filtration element. You can also use this kind […]